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How to find a job as a general practitioner in Australia
Are you a doctor wanting to live and work in Australia? Here’s where to find General Practitioner jobs.

Moving across the globe to work as a general practitioner is a massive decision to make at any age.

But making that commitment is just part of the puzzle.

Finding work and finding it with the right employer can be quite the challenge.

And all that is before you’ve even begun jumping through hoops and cutting through all the red tape, the administration, accreditations and visa documentation required to go with them.

So how do you find work as a GP in Australia and what is the best way to go about it?

Here’s where you start.


Specialist GP recruitment agencies

Specialist healthcare recruitment agencies are the best and smartest route towards finding your dream job in Australia.

The top agencies are specifically designed to pair medical facilities desperate for qualified doctors with suitable medical professionals seeking a fresh start in Australia.

They know the space better than anyone and have years of experience in helping doctors make the transition overseas with a minimum of fuss.

The best agencies manage the whole process from start to finish, assisting doctors with all the time-consuming documentation required.

Many of them even help doctors when they arrive on the ground in Australia, working with some clinics to provide short-term accommodation, loan cars and even financial advice.

Medical clinics

Dealing directly with medical clinics in the area you desire to work can be a great way to quickly and efficiently find work as a GP in Australia.

It cuts out the extra layer of communication involved when dealing with a recruitment agency because you deal specifically with your potential employer.

But it can be a lot more time consuming.

Firstly, you have to find medical clinics in the area you want to work and they need to be seeking new employees.

Their willingness to take on new staff may not always be visible online.

And you have to deal with time zone challenges when contacting them from the other side of the world.


Job advertisements

Trawling through employment websites such as SEEK, LinkedIn and CareerOne can be a laborious and frustrating occupation.

It is also much more impersonal than using a recruitment agency or dealing directly with a medical clinic.

Sure, you can narrow your search down to a specific area.

But your enquiry can become lost in the myriad of digital applications that a business considers.

And your chances of success are tied more closely to the presentation and linguistics of your application or LinkedIn page rather than your skills and achievements as a medical professional.

This method also relies on a medical practice in the area you wish to work advertising rather than using a recruiting agency to find the best possible candidates.

Many businesses don’t advertise job vacancies online because of the costly and time-consuming process of selecting appropriate candidates.


Job boards

Job boards and forums in the medical field can be worth investigating if you are looking to work as a GP in Australia.

Professional associations such as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) are tailored specifically towards the medical industry and connect legitimate employers with potential employees.

They are quick and easy to search from the comforts of home, any time of the day.

However, this method suffers from the same drawbacks as searching job advertisement websites.

A great number of vacancies are not advertised online with evidence suggesting this figure could be as high as between 60 and 80 per cent.

This is what is known as the “hidden job market” which relies on networking and word of mouth.


Doctor networks

A huge number of positions are filled via “networking” which may involve:

Online approaches – identify the area you want to work and message managerial staff in clinics of interest to you, advising them that you are interested in working there. But first, ensure your LinkedIn page is optimised and updated to reflect your attributes for potential employers. It is your open job application to the world.

Word of mouth – it’s an age-old method but still one of the most relied upon for finding reliable candidates in the job market. Talk to your peers about any opportunities they may have heard of or any contacts they might have in Australia. A recommendation from a credible associate goes a long way in any profession. The method is however rather “hit and miss” in terms of its success rate and can’t be relied upon to find you a suitable placement overseas.


Contact HRA today

Australia is a fantastic place to live and work.

Presently, there is a significant shortage of GPs in Australia meaning they are in high demand.

The financial rewards and quality of life in Australia significantly outweigh what doctors have to settle for in the UK, Ireland and throughout Asia.

But finding the right placement at a practice that supports your career and lifestyle ambitions isn’t as easy as it sounds.

That’s where Health Recruitment Australia can help.

We are a recruitment agency working specifically with GPs to find suitable positions for overseas doctors to work in Australia.

If you are interested in general practitioner opportunities in Australia, we have multiple positions available right now.
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