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Top Tips to Advance Your Career as a General Practitioner

Whether you’re embarking on your journey as a GP or have already established yourself in a thriving practice, there’s always room for career growth. Successful individuals in every professional field continuously strive for progress, and General Practitioners are no exception.

Here are some top tips to consider for advancing your career as a GP, ensuring success both in your work and personal life.

Embrace Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

CPD is essential for healthcare professionals, including GPs, not only to maintain their skills but also to enhance them. Medicine demands ongoing education throughout your career due to advancements in technology, evolving techniques, and changes in treatment approaches.

Keeping up with the latest information and practices is crucial. Engage in regular CPDs to update your skills and knowledge, benefiting both your professional growth and personal development.


Cultivate Leadership Qualities:

Leadership can be demonstrated in various ways, such as taking on a leadership role within your practice, providing encouragement to colleagues, or taking responsibility when things go wrong.

While it may not come naturally to everyone, leadership coaching services offered by organizations like the Australian Medical Association can help. Serving on medical committees or boards is another excellent opportunity to make positive changes in your chosen field and display leadership skills.


Embrace Mentoring:

Even experienced GPs can benefit from having a mentor who offers fresh perspectives, introduces new ideas, and opens up networking opportunities.

Being a mentor can be equally rewarding, as you guide young GPs through the challenges they face in the early stages of their careers. Sharing sage advice and providing a valuable second opinion on difficult medical questions can have a profound impact.


Volunteer in Underprivileged Communities:

Volunteering your skills and services in underserved communities, whether locally or abroad, is a noble cause. Working on the front lines in unfamiliar environments pushes you out of your comfort zone, enhances your medical expertise, and exposes you to diverse experiences and cultures.

Numerous organizations, such as Australian Doctors International, Doctours, and various humanitarian agencies, offer opportunities to contribute to communities in need.


Set Goals:

Take an active approach to your career by setting goals and planning how to achieve them. Consider where you want to be in the next few years and develop a proactive plan for managing and reviewing your goals. Starting early and maintaining a structured approach will smoothen your career journey.


Understand the Business Side:

Even if you’re a young GP working at a family practice, it’s wise to comprehend the business aspects of healthcare.

Understanding the financial dynamics, patient attraction, retention strategies, and bookkeeping will be valuable if you aspire to start your own practice. Familiarize yourself with drafting business plans, insurance, technology, communication systems, marketing, and online presence—skills essential for managing a successful general practice.


Prioritise Self-Care:

Remember that work-life balance is crucial for sustainability. Your physical and mental well-being is paramount, and avoiding burnout is vital. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, get sufficient sleep, and take regular breaks.

Trust in your own GP rather than self-diagnosing, and don’t hesitate to take time off when needed.

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Enquire now, and we’ll be
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