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UK doctors seek new opportunities down under

Australian medical clinics and recruiters are seeing a significant rise in applications and enquiries from UK General Practitioners hoping to move down under.

As junior doctors strike for more pay and pressure increases on the NHS, Australia is becoming an ideal destination, according to the managing director of Health Recruitment Australia, Gemma Gough.

Ms Gough has worked as a practice management leader in South Australia since emigrating from Guernsey, UK, almost six years ago. 

“It is easy to see why so many UK doctors are moving to Australia, or strongly considering taking their careers abroad,” she said. 

“There have been growing concerns about the conditions faced by healthcare workers in the UK for many years, and the pandemic certainly increased that.

“And while pay is certainly a big issue, the doctors we are talking to are also prioritising lifestyle, and it is very hard for the UK to compete with Australia on that. 

“Having made the move myself there is no denying that there are challenges moving across the world, but there are absolutely no regrets – Australia is a great place to build a career, grow a family and create a life worth living.”

The British Medical Association is leading industrial action against the NHS, arguing that pay for junior doctors has been eroded over 15 years, forcing many to leave the country. 

Ms Gough said while it is disappointing to see the challenges facing the UK health system, Australian clinics and hospitals are eager to satisfy their own urgent needs for qualified doctors. 

“Australia also has a huge shortage of doctors and the reality is that clinics and hospitals have to search overseas for GPs to meet the growing demand of their local communities,” she said. 

“UK doctors are a great fit because the transfer process is relatively smooth, but just as importantly there is a great cultural alignment.”

Polly Large has started work as a GP at South Australian medical practice, AHA Clinics, after emigrating from the UK three months ago. 

“Moving to the other side of the world to build my career and life isn’t something that I took lightly, but after weighing up the options, the opportunity in Australia was too good to refuse,” Ms Large said. 

“The process takes time and not without challenges but I have been very well supported every step of the way, and now that I am on the ground and becoming established in the local community, I am really enjoying my new home and excited about what the future holds in Australia.”

Health Recruitment Australia matches overseas and local General Practitioners with life-changing career opportunities in Australia.

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