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GPs leadership positions
How GPs can step into leadership positions

Leadership comes easily to many GPs – they are often natural born leaders.

GPs are highly educated people who command respect and perform important work in their community.

When someone has a medical issue, they turn first to their GP to lead them back to health.

It is one of life’s most noble callings.

Sometimes, an ambitious GP might want more from their career.

They may wish to use their expertise beyond day to day practice, pursuing greater impact and influence.

This could mean leading a team of GPs in a local practice, training and overseeing medical students and junior doctors, getting involved strategic planning and the business of General Practice, and much more.

Whatever your higher goal may be, it’s about a desire to continue to have a positive impact on people, the healthcare system and leave an even greater legacy.

Here’s what you need to consider to help turn that dream into a reality.  

Become a leader today, right where you are

Wherever you are, and no matter what your life and career looks like today, you can be a leader.

It isn’t just a title, it is how about your values and behaviours.

And you don’t have to be the owner or head of any clinic to do it.

It means leading by example by doing the following:

  • being a team player
  • collaborating with other doctors and sharing ideas
  • encouraging innovation
  • fostering a positive workplace environment
  • encouraging and respecting fellow staff members
  • mentoring junior doctors 
  • communicating effectively to share ideas and motivate others

If you’re already doing these things, it may be time to weigh up leadership opportunities in your current practice – is there a pathway to take on more responsibility and step up at your current clinic or workplace? Does management provide support for GPs who want to step up as leaders?

Broaden your experience

Seek out opportunities to build out your CV.

The best way to do that is to gain additional experience, often beyond your day to day work, such as:

  • Mentoring colleagues, either formally or informally
  • Offering to support management with other initiatives that may be important to the running of the clinic
  • Volunteering locally or with reputable medical groups overseas in developing nations
  • Other community engagement activities, including sitting on school and business boards, supporting local programs and other initiatives

Consider further education

We hear you, you’ve already spent a lot of time studying!

But medicine is continually evolving so ensure you remain at the cutting edge of education, innovation, research and quality improvement and be open to change.

You may be interested in further specialised medical training, or you could pursue one of the many other higher education courses available.

This could include business, health management and even dedicated leadership studies and training.

Join professional organisations

Become a member of professional organisations closely aligned with your specialty or primary care.

The RACP works closely with a number of specialty societies where you can share ideas and sharpen your leadership skills with likeminded doctors.

Widen your network

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

The power of having a strong network can’t be underestimated.

Connect at industry events where you can meet and renew acquaintances with colleagues, mentors, healthcare administrators and policy makers.

At worst, you’ll rub shoulders with key people who can provide you with tips to help materialise your ambition.

At best, you might be offered the chance of a lifetime.

Seek leadership opportunities

Most importantly, you need to ensure that your current role has a leadership pathway and open doors to new leadership opportunities.

You want to position yourself to be able to step up when the time is right.

Or, you might have the experiences and qualifications to step into a leadership position – so now might be the right time to explore a new GP leadership role.

Contact Health Recruitment Australia today

Becoming a leader in healthcare gives you the opportunity to make a real difference – not only that, Australian medical clinics are desperately seeking GP leaders for their practices!

But knowing how to take that next step or where to find senior positions for GPs in Australia can be a real challenge.

That’s where Health Recruitment Australia can help.

HRA is a recruitment agency focussed specifically on matching overseas doctors of all ages with the right clinics in Australia.

We’ll help you find a senior position that motivates you, in the city or region you desire.

We’ll do our homework to make sure the clinic or department aligns with your ideals and even help with all the paperwork too.

A significant GP shortage in Australia has opened up multiple opportunities for VR Doctors interested in making the move so there’s no time like the present.

Start with an informal, no-obligation discussion with the experienced team at Health Recruitment Australia about your options.

Contact us and view opportunities here.

Enquire now, and we’ll be
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Enquire now, and we’ll be
in touch shortly!