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GP dream job application tips
How GPs can land their dream job in Australia

You’ve got the hunger for a new challenge and your dream job has been advertised.

You’re potentially considering a life-changing move across the globe.

But how do you get started?

Well if you’re reading this, you’re already more than half way there!

That’s because medical practices and their recruiting agencies, including reputable firms such as Health Recruitment Australia, identify eligible GPs to fill large gaps in the healthcare industry in Australia.

These agencies match overseas doctors with vacancies all over Australia.

They’ll do the heavy lifting, assisting you with all the laborious paperwork of the recruitment process.

Most importantly they’ll find the right opportunity, including the location, the environment, the dream job and the income that you love.

While a good agency will make the process super smooth, as a GP you still need to put your best foot forward and present yourself well.

Here are the key considerations.

Create a professional resume/curriculum vitae

The role of your resume or CV is to summarise your career and achievements to date.

This should include your education and job qualifications with an emphasis on the role you are applying for.

It can be as long as it needs to be, but it is critical to keep it focused and put the vital information on the front page.

That’s because some practice leaders or HR professionals reportedly spend as little as 10 seconds looking at it before deciding whether you remain on the short list!

Hence the front page of your resume needs to include:

  • Your name (make it stand out)
  • Your contact details
  • Your key qualifications
  • Your work history starting with your most recent employment
  • A career or personal statement or ideology

The Interview

In the GP recruitment process you’ll likely have multiple conversations with your recruiter and also practice leaders, but there will likely be a key interview (or two) with decision makers.

So it’s absolutely critical that you don’t fluff your lines. 

Typically, you’ll only get one chance to shine so it’s important to have all the tools, tips and tricks at your disposal to turn your dream into a reality.

Preparation and practice

Preparation is the key and that means thoroughly researching the organisation where you are applying to work.

Ideally, you want know it better than most of the staff who already work there.

When you know your stuff, you don’t need to worry about memorising anything!

That way, you can’t be blindsided by a question about the business.

Tell them how you align perfectly with their core values and mission.

Enlist the help of a colleague and practice answering common as well as unusual interview questions.

Answer them out loud. Practice makes perfect.

Be prepared to talk about specific examples that illustrate your suitability for the position.

An interview is a two-way street so don’t be afraid to ask some questions of your own.

Here’s how to make a great impression during your interview so you land the job you desire.

Highlight clinical skills and experience

Emphasise your clinical skills.

This is your most important asset.

Highlight any areas of expertise or special skills you have that might set you apart from other candidates.

Talk about your patient management experience and proficiency in relevant medical technologies and software.

They are probably the other top considerations in terms of hiring.

Exhibit your empathy and compassion

This is a must-have skill for GPs.

Describe how you connect with patients on an emotional level.

Share an anecdote or experience to illustrate your empathy and compassion.

Showcase your communication skills

Highlight your strong written and verbal communication skills.

Describe how you relay complex medical information to patients, colleagues and other healthcare professionals.

Demonstrate your cultural competency

Australia is a multicultural society so be sure to express your proficiency at working with people of all backgrounds.

Highlight an experience you had where you put those skills to use.

You may come from a specific cultural background or ethnicity yourself.

If so, demonstrate how that can be advantageous to your potential future employer.

Highlight your leadership skills

Refer to any opportunities you have had to show leadership.

Maybe you have led teams, managed projects or contributed to the improvement of healthcare services.

Show that you enjoy taking initiative, leading by example and driving positive change within the healthcare environment.

Display adaptability and flexibility

Change arrives swiftly in healthcare.

So detail how you managed challenging situations or adapted to changes in your previous work environments.

Illustrate your ability to adapt to different healthcare settings.

Recount an instance where you worked collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams such as specialists, allied healthcare professionals or community services.

If you’re moving overseas for this position, your interviewer will want to be confident that you will be able to handle the big transition and settle in well for the long term.

Show your commitment to continued learning

Talk about your desire for continued learning and professional development.

This will include keeping abreast of the latest medical research, technological advances and industry best practices.

Highlight any recent certifications gained, training undertaken or medical education ongoing or completed.

Networking and relationships

Hopefully you get the job but whether you do or do not, networking and the ability to build relationships is one of the best ways to position yourself for promotion and make yourself available for all kinds of professional opportunities that will be sure to emerge.

So make yourself seen and known at professional industry events, conferences and seminars.

Complement it by building an online presence – it’s the best way to extend your reach right around the world.

And don’t give up.

Work on what you can and keep applying for the roles you want.

Contact Health Recruitment Australia today

Applying for a dream job overseas can seem like a challenging and sometimes overwhelming process.

But Health Recruitment Australia can swing the odds in your favour.

HRA is a recruitment agency that specialises in aligning overseas doctors of all ages with the right clinics in Australia.

A significant GP shortage in Australia exists right now!

There are multiple opportunities available for doctors interested in making the move.

If you’re one of the thousands interested in emigrating to Australia to work, let HRA make your job that much easier.

We’ll help match you with the right practice in the city or region you want to work.

And we’ll even help with all that tedious red tape to make it happen as quickly as possible.

Why not start with an informal, no-obligation discussion with the experienced team at Health Recruitment Australia? Contact us.

Enquire now, and we’ll be
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Enquire now, and we’ll be
in touch shortly!