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A day in the life of an Australian GP

Working in Australia is a dream for many overseas doctors but what does a day in the life of an Australian GP really look like?

The country is known for its vast size, sweeping landscapes and sun-drenched beaches.

And there is so much space you can enjoy to yourself.

With just three people per square kilometre, Australia has the seventh-lowest population density in the world.

Most Aussies put a high priority on their lifestyle and many Australian medical practices encourage a healthy work-life balance to compliment a successful and fulfilling professional career.

But how does that really translate into a typical day in the life of an Australian GP?

Let’s find out what you could expect …


Many doctors love practicing what they preach.

That means a spot of fitness or a morning walk as the sun rises.

Depending on where you live, it could be a stroll through the brisk mountain air, a leisurely walk along the beach, a quick surf, a bike ride or jog along the land’s countless picturesque trails.

Australia is known for its great coffee so a fresh brew to start the day along with a healthy breakfast puts you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

There will normally be time to drop the kids off at school before heading into work.

Living near your workplace will reduce commute times and ensure a stress-free trip to work.

Mornings: A great start to the day

The working day often starts as early as 8am but may be later, depending on your circumstances.

If you’ve worked with an experienced recruiter and been matched with the right medical practice for you, you’ll arrive at a welcoming clinic that prioritises collaboration and a supportive team culture.

This practice should also foster open communication and camaraderie in the practice.

Quality medical practices will usually see you start your day with a full book of appointments.

if you’re coming from overseas, you will likely notice that you get more time with your patients working in Australia.

This also eases some of the pressure in terms of time management if things start to get tight at the other end of the day.

Patient-centric care

Australian healthcare has a patient-centric focus which values an holistic approach to medicine.

This includes working with allied healthcare professionals.

GPs play a pivotal role to this end, establishing and building trusted relationships with their patients, addressing their concerns, educating them on preventative medicine and promoting their overall wellbeing.

They may then refer them to visit other professionals in the field.

Australian patients come from a wide and diverse background exposing GPs to a vast range of experiences and medical cases.

Mental health is fast becoming one of the biggest reasons for GP visits in Australia with musculoskeletal issues, respiratory infections, women’s health and circulatory problems among the other top reasons for appointments.

Because of this, you will likely spend time during your day liaising with other professionals as you work together to support your patients.

Lunch break

The lunch break is an important time for GPs to unwind and recharge.

It is generally a 30-minute break but may be longer.

It’s a great opportunity to spend some time away from the clinic.

Depending on where you work, you may be able to enjoy lunch at a local cafe, at a nearby park or anywhere you can find some peace and solitude.

If you’re lucky enough to be at a practice near the beach, you might be able to squeeze in a swim!

Or you could partake in some wellness activities offered by your practice.

Afternoons: A change of pace

Some doctors will resume their roster of appointments, but it may also be a chance to attend a professional development workshop or seminar.

Australia places a high value on the continuous learning of their medical professionals and wants its GPs to remain abreast of the latest medical advancements.

This commitment to ongoing education enhances the skills of GPs and ensures Australian healthcare always remains of the highest quality.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is something you’ve probably heard a lot about but may not have experienced.

In Australia, it is actively encouraged among the medical community.

Flexibility in work schedules is a priority for many Australian clinics enabling GPs to strike a harmonious balance between their professional commitments and working life.

It is also a key factor in guarding against burnout.

This may mean working fewer than the typical 38 hours in a week or juggling those hours to potentially free up an extra day off.

That flexibility empowers GPs to pursue personal interests and engage in more community activities.

Evenings: Winding down 

There are countless ways to spend your down time in Australia at the end of a day’s work.

Whether it’s taking in a show, attending live sport, spending time with friends or a quiet night at home, the choice is yours.

GPs can explore Australia’s vibrant cultural scene and great outdoors at their leisure, recharging their batteries for the day ahead.

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To break it down simply, GPs in Australia enjoy all the incredible sights, sounds, smells and tastes it has to offer while working a flexible job that promotes professional and personal growth and development.

Who wouldn’t want that?

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HRA is a dedicated recruitment agency that specialises in matching overseas doctors of all ages with the right clinics in Australia.

A significant GP shortage exists in Australia right now.

There are multiple opportunities available for doctors keen to make the move and enjoy everything Australia has to offer.

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