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How overseas GPs can help create a positive workplace culture 

Overseas GPs make an enormous contribution to Australian healthcare and its positive workplace culture.

Australia’s medical landscape thrives on diversity and is much the richer for it.

It is well accepted that Australia’s 26 million people come from a number of very diverse backgrounds. 

More than 48% or 12.6 million describe themselves as neither English or Australian.

It is perhaps less understood that Australia’s medical fraternity are comprised largely of foreigners.

More than half were born overseas with India (21%), the UK (19%), South Africa (8%) and Sri Lanka (5%) the leading countries of origin for doctors in Australia.

Beyond that, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Ireland, Iran, the Philippines, Iraq, China and Myanmar each contribute more than 2% of that foreign brigade.

Overseas GPs have so much to offer Australian healthcare on so many levels.

Here’s how they can do it.

Promote inclusivity and appreciate differences

Overseas GPs bring with them a wealth of cultural nuances and perspectives.

The trick is thinking of these contrasts as positives rather than negatives.

Embrace your differences and promote an environment of inclusivity.

Rather than hiding them, encourage open dialogue about your own cultural practices, traditions and celebrations.

Sharing your traditional foods can be a great ice-breaker.

Help build a workplace where every team member feels valued and appreciated regardless of their ethnicity.

Share your expertise and best practices

Wherever you were born, wherever you have worked, you are likely to have enjoyed a wealth of experiences that others around you may have not.

Whether it’s a unique approach to patient care or a different perspective on operational efficiency, sharing these insights can only contribute and enhance anywhere you work.

Encourage open forums or team meetings where ideas and experiences can be shared, fostering a culture of mutual learning.

Encourage cross-culture team building

Team building activities are an excellent way to unite any workplace and improve its culture.

They are also perfectly suited to a cross-culture twist.

Organise activities that celebrate cultural differences and appreciation.

A feast where everyone brings one dish from their culture is a surefire hit that breaks down barriers.

A sporting event or music festival may also lend itself to that end.

Any team building exercises that require collaboration such as an escape room or an adventure course also work well.

Cultural awareness workshops are a little less subtle but may also be considered.

Actively engage in team dynamics

Effective communication is at the very heart of every positive workplace culture.

That’s why it is important to be proactive at every opportunity rather than making yourself seem invisible.

Take part in team meetings, sharing your perspectives and experiences and contributing to decision-making processes.

It helps people gain confidence and build trust in you and fosters a collaborative and supportive atmosphere.

Champion work-life balance

Australia and much of its medical fraternity champion a healthy work-life balance.

Overseas GPs often bring a different perspective to the table in this regard with some suffering from feelings of having been overworked and underpaid for many years.

While it is worthwhile to share your experiences of the environments where you have previously worked, it is also important to embrace the benefits and positivities of your new one.

Advocate for policies such as flexible scheduling, wellness programs and initiatives that support the wellbeing of the entire healthcare team.

A positive workplace culture helps everyone thrive and feel supported both professionally and personally.

Mentorship and support

Mentorship is one of the key platforms of any successful business, especially in healthcare.

You may benefit from a mentor as you find your feet in your new homeland.

But equally, you should not be averse to offering your own experiences and insights to those new to your practice.

As an overseas doctor, you bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experiences that others don’t have.

Sharing your insights and guidance with your new colleagues helps build strong connections with team members and contributes to a positive and harmonious workplace.

Bring a positive attitude

Take ownership of the vibe in your workplace by always bringing a positive attitude to the table.

Set the standard by maintaining optimism at all times, showing your resilience under pressure, being proactive in the face of adversity and always displaying a kind and courteous manner.

Encourage a supportive atmosphere where team members always feel comfortable asking for assistance when needed and sharing ideas that help facilitate a culture of continuous improvement. 

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GPs in Australia come from all corners of the globe.

They bring with them experiences, knowledge and ideas that help to make the Australian healthcare system what it is – one of the most robust, reliable and resilient on the planet.

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Enquire now, and we’ll be
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