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GP burnout Sea change in Australia
The Australian solution to GP burnout

GP burnout is a global issue, but there is hope.

Health systems around the world are buckling under the strain of record demand for services, creating enormous workloads for doctors.

Many of these doctors work in trying conditions while feeling they are being undervalued and underpaid.

And many become trapped in broken healthcare systems.

A great number quit their chosen vocation in despair.

Even worse, some choose the most desperate and tragic exit of all.

But there is an alternative.

Consider a sea change to a new home and working life in Australia.

Join the queue of doctors in the UK and around the world choosing everything Australia has to offer.

The great southern land offers more space, more freedom, more rewards and a work-life balance unrivalled by nearly anywhere else on the planet.

Why GPs suffer burnout

It doesn’t matter what country’s statistics you examine, GP burnout is an issue everywhere.

The heavy workload and demanding nature of the profession inevitably takes its toll.

The mental health of GPs is nearly always the first to suffer.

Long working hours while consulting a ridiculously high number of patients on extremely tight schedules has pushed many GPs to their breaking point.

And their days rarely end with the last patient.

The requirements of many highly regulated healthcare industries demand GPs spend more time agonising on paperwork and pushing them to the absolute brink.

GP burnout in the UK

GP burnout in the UK is arguably more rampant than anywhere.

One doctor who fled the country for greener pastures in Australia described the situation in their former homeland as “dangerous”.

Another told the BBC that workloads at his village GP surgery left him feeling “hollowed out and spent” and that simple tasks like unlocking his car or making a meal had become a huge challenge and made him feel “like a husk of a human”.

These stories are common among doctors who work for the understaffed and underfunded UK National Health Service (NHS).

In the last three years, there has been a 77 per cent rise in the number of doctors seeking help for mental health issues.

A third of the 5600 doctors who used the NHS Practitioner Health programme in 2022-23 confessed to having considered taking their own lives.

The more doctors who quit, the greater the burden on those who remain.

It is a vicious cycle, inevitably putting further strain on the quality of care available for patients.

A sea change in Australia

Leaving your family, friends and colleagues behind is never easy, especially when the latter will have to pick up the slack at work.

But prioritising yourself and your immediate family is not just a sensible solution – it could also save your life.

And why wouldn’t you want to take the opportunity to live and work in Australia where you will find so many of your prayers answered?

Better work-life balance – Many clinics in Australia actively encourage a work-life balance. Some insist upon it.

Australian GPs work an average of just 36.3 hours per week.

Many will choose the hours they work with the flexibility to work longer hours over several days, so freeing up an extra day off per week.

Competitive pay – Doctors in Australia are among the highest paid in the world.

Seek reports that the average salary for GPs in Australia is now $385,000.

Junior doctors usually earn double in Australia what they earn in England. 

First year consultants may earn as much as $300,000.

Quality of life – You’ll enjoy one of the highest standards of living in Australia when you start taking advantage of everything it has to offer.

Think modern, vibrant cities brim full of some of the finest restaurants and rich in art, culture, sport.

Throw in 12,000 beaches along 60,000 km of coastline, vast outback spaces and lush rainforests, sprawling rivers and some of the most unique wildlife on the planet.

Supportive healthcare system – Medicare is the crux of Australia’s healthcare system. It gives all Australians access to a wide range of healthcare services.

It also facilitates billing procedures for doctors and specialists.

The Medical Indemnity Act of 2002 supports medical practitioners by helping to keep the cost of medical indemnity insurance affordable.

Personal growth – There are ample opportunities for personal growth as a doctor in Australia.

Medical clinics support and encourage their doctors to enhance their skills both as a physician and as a leader, whatever their ambitions may be.

This occurs by way of further education, working in new and challenging environments, networking, leadership training and volunteer opportunities.

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