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Australian medical clinics expectations
What Australian medical clinics really want from GPs 

There are opportunities aplenty for overseas doctors to work in Australian medical clinics.

A shortage of GPs in Australia has vast numbers of Australian medical clinics searching for quality doctors to join them.

The conditions are excellent and doctors in Australia are among the highest paid in the world.

There are ample opportunities for growth and a work-life balance is actively encouraged.

It’s the ideal place for singles and young families to establish a new home and set themselves up for life.

The question is – do you have what Australian medical clinics are looking for?

Core qualities Australian medical clinics seek

Clinical competence – This is a basic one and goes without saying. You must be able to illustrate your proficiencies as a doctor and show that you remain up to date with the very latest medical developments.

As a GP working in Australia, you will also need to be able to cope with and manage a diverse range of health conditions. 

Cultural competence – Australia is a very multicultural country. 

That means that you’ll need to be comfortable working with a diverse range of patients from different nationalities, while respecting their cultures and religions.

The ability to speak other languages is not essential but will definitely work in your favour.

Communication skills – Good communication skills should be part of the repertoire of all good GPs.

They help build trust and rapport with patients.

They also greatly help the delivery of patient-centred care as well as ensuring those patients better follow treatment instructions.

Adaptability and flexibility – These are qualities valued highly in Australia. Being comfortable working in different environments and settings is an asset.

You will also need to be prepared to work with many different patients with greatly differing needs. 

Understanding the Australian healthcare system

Accreditation requirements – Registering to work as a doctor in Australia can be a long-winded and complex process.

Doctors must be verified by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and registered with the Medical Board of Australia.

To gain medical registration in Australia, IMGs must follow one of three pathways:

Understanding Medicare – Medicare lies at the heart of the Australian healthcare system so it is important GPs coming to Australia understand how it operates.

Medicare provides Australians with a wide range of health and hospital services at subsidised or no cost.

Overseas GPs must register with Medicare before they can begin billing in Australia.

Digital health literacy – The meteoric rise in the use of digital health technology in Australia makes being comfortable using it a basic necessity.

Digital literacy and the use of electronic health records save time and streamline productivity.

Commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Mandatory CPD requirements – All doctors in Australia are required to participate in CPD.

This involves registering with an AMC-accredited CPD home, writing a professional development plan and logging a minimum of 50 hours per year of activities.

These activities include reviewing their performance and measuring outcomes and other educational undertakings such as attending lectures, conferences and reading.

Participation in Quality Improvement Activities – This entails any activities that measure and attempt to improve the way both they or their practice operates.

For example:

  • analysing patient data to improve outcomes
  • attempts to improve quality and safety for patients
  • improving the practice’s structures and systems
  • improving methods of preventative care or chronic health management 
  • maintenance of patient records

Integration into the local medical community

Collaboration with healthcare professionals – This is an important skill because it better helps and prepares doctors for working as part of a collaborative team involving specialists and allied healthcare professionals, producing improved outcomes for their patients.

Community engagement – No migrant can call their move to a new country a success until they fully integrate with the local community and lifestyle.

Patients seeing their doctors engaging with locals at community events helps foster confidence and trust.

This benefits both the GP and their clinic.

Contact Health Recruitment Australia today

Doctors in Australia are very well rewarded and work in excellent conditions.

In return, clinics expect a level of professionalism, dedication and commitment to their vocation for the benefit of their patients, their business and the entire health system in Australia.

What you won’t be subjected to is working dangerously long shifts in sub-standard conditions for minimal pay, as is the fate suffered by many doctors outside of Australia.

If that sounds appealing, it might be time to reach out to Health Recruitment Australia.

HRA is a dedicated recruitment agency that specialises in matching overseas doctors of all ages with clinics needing doctors in Australia.

A significant GP shortage exists in Australia right now.

There are multiple opportunities available for doctors keen to make the move and enjoy everything that living and working in Australia has to offer.

If you’re one of the thousands of doctors considering emigrating down under to work, let HRA make your job easier.

We’ll help you find you the right city, area, and practice to work in.

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Enquire now, and we’ll be
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