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Key people GPs must know BEFORE moving to Australia

General Practitioners intent on moving to Australia to work and live should assemble a team of key people to assist them with the move.

It is not compulsory to work with any of these key people nor impossible to organise such a move without them.

But many doctors underestimate the time and amount of work required to facilitate a move abroad.

They also fail to appreciate the mountains of paperwork that need to be completed correctly or risk delaying the move by months.

On average, it takes between 12 and 18 months from when a GP decides to immigrate to when they start their first day of work in Australia.

It can be done quicker.

It can also take much longer.

But with the assistance and guidance of an experienced team of key people, you can turn your dream into a reality with a minimum of pain, fuss and inconvenience.

But what key people are needed?

Health recruiter

Your most important task is to find yourself a health recruiter.

Health recruiters work within agencies set up to help overseas GPs find jobs in Australia.

A good recruiter will talk with the GP to understand why they are moving, what they want out of work and life and what their hopes and dreams are for the future.

They then match them with a medical practice in a suitable city or region.

A health recruiter does most of the heavy lifting required to crystallise the move.

They are deeply familiar with all the paperwork and red tape involved and can help you cut through it quicker than anyone.

They can also link you with other professionals who can fast track your move and make things run more smoothly when you arrive in Australia.

Think of your health recruiter as the leader of your immigration team.

They may also be able to assist you with short-term accomodation and a vehicle when you land in your new home.

Immigration lawyer

Once you have a health recruiter on board, they will probably recommend you hire an immigration lawyer.

Immigration lawyers are experts in what can be quite an overwhelming process.

There is an abundance of information online and Australia’s immigration portal seems straight forward enough.

But if you make a mistake, you could set your potential move back some time.

The trick is knowing exactly which visa you are eligible to apply for.

You must then make a visa application to work in the clinic which has nominated you, providing multiple documents verifying your identity and credentials.

You can learn more about the importance of working with an immigration lawyer here.

Practice manager

After your health recruiter connects you with a practice in Australia, you will want to add the manager of that practice to your team.

Your practice manager will quickly become your closest ally on the ground in Australia.

They run the business that wants to hire you and will do everything in their power to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

At this point your practice manager should know about your expectations for the role, what kind of roster you want to work and how important a work-life balance is to you.

Now, you should be able to lean on your practice manager to help support you in your transition, especially when you in those initial days after landing in Australia where you might be in an Airbnb with no car and no idea about where you are!

You may also ask them any questions you have about working in Australia, more info on how the practice operates and the new colleagues you will work with, and also if they can connect you with any other GPs within the practice who have made the move and pick their brains for some solid advice.

Real estate agent

One of the biggest decisions you will face once arriving in Australia is where to live.

Your health recruiter or practice manager should have helped you find some short term accomodation.

But an Airbnb or similar will quickly prove expensive beyond a few weeks.

For convenience, you will ideally want to live reasonably close to your practice.

Your options are to rent or buy.

The rental market is extremely tight in Australia and few vendors will lease a place for shorter than 12 months.

It does however make sense to rent in an area first, rather than buying sight unseen.

A renter’s agent can take the time consuming hassle out of finding you a place to live.

And they can start work before you even arrive in the country!

If you are determined to buy straight away, a buyer’s agent can perform the same task, offering you suitable properties for your perusal.

They can even purchase one for you on your behalf.

Read more about renting and buying real estate in Australia here.

Mortgage broker

If you choose to buy a house, you will probably need a loan.

And if you need a loan, it is wise to engage a mortgage broker.

A mortgage broker’s job is to find you the best possible mortgage.

That doesn’t just mean the lowest interest rate but includes a raft of other important features especially tailored to your needs.

These may include a redraw facility, an offset account, loan portability and the ability to pay off the loan faster if desired.

Specialist Accountant

An accountant who specialises in working with GPs is another one of the key people you will want to consider putting on your team.

They can advise you how to best maximise your earnings working as a GP in Australia.

This includes the various working models, jobs or opportunities you may be offered during your career, your tax implications in Australia and the benefits of superannuation.

Most doctors in Australia work as sole traders which means they are responsible for their own super contributions.

A specialist accountant can give you advice on acquiring a loan when you buy a house including enlisting a mortgage broker.

They can also assist you with financial planning to ensure your wealth is not just protected but grows to meet your long-term financial goals.

Learn more about how a specialist accountant can help you here.

Contact Health Recruitment Australia today

Uprooting your world and moving to a foreign country is a lot to take on.

But by enlisting some key people to assist you, you can take the stress out of the process and achieve it much more quickly.

First you’ll need a top recruiter.

Health Recruitment Australia is a dedicated recruitment agency that specialises in matching overseas doctors of all ages with clinics who desperately need GPs in Australia.

There are multiple opportunities available for doctors keen to make the move down under and take advantage of everything living and working in Australia has to offer.

HRA will work closely with you to find the right city, region and practice for you to begin your great Australian dream.

We’ll answer all of your questions, putting your mind at ease to ensure your move is as trouble-free as possible.

And we’ll take care of all that paperwork so you can begin your Aussie adventure in record time.

Why not start with an informal, no-obligation discussion with the experienced team at Health Recruitment Australia? Contact us.

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Enquire now, and we’ll be
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