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PEP specialist program
PEP Specialist Program: What GPs need to know

The PEP Specialist Program is designed specifically for overseas doctors who want to work in Australia. It is important to be aware of all details, especially given the significant price rises in recent years.

PEP is a self-directed education program for non-VR doctors seeking their RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) fellowship.

PEP stands for Practice Experience Program.

The 3GA program or stream is supported by the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

It offers structured education and peer assistance to specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) with overseas specialist qualifications.

The course allows participants to focus on the specific learning requirements and aspects of general practice in Australia that are of most interest to them.

It is comprised of online learning modules including those which are practice-based as well as several compulsory workplace-based assessments (WBAs).

Participants work with accomplished GP medical educators who also offer their experience, advice and support.

It is delivered by accredited training establishments Australia-wide and is part of the national ‘Stronger Rural Health Strategy’.

PEP graduates are issued a PEP 3GA provider number which then allows them to work in Australia and bill Medicare at the full-item rates.

Eligibility for PEP

Eligibility for the PEP is restricted to applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • have completed a comparability assessment
  • possess a recognised general practice specialty qualification
  • possess a qualification that is recognised as substantially or partially comparable

More information on curricula assessed as substantially or partially comparable can be found here.

Applying for PEP

Applying for the PEP can be done here.

Understand that it is a time-consuming process and is comprised of three parts:

  • the Comparability Assessment application which may take up to 10 weeks to assess
  • the Job Offer Approval application which must detail your job offer in Australia and may take up to three weeks to ratify
  • your Right to Work in Australia application which requires your visa details and RACGP provider number request form and can take another 12 weeks to process

When this has all been completed, you will be issued with a Medicare Provider Number and may begin work.

PEP fees

Fees for PEP have unfortunately risen from $8000 to $11,900.

The new fee is applicable to all applications submitted after 3 June 2024.

Additionally, the new fee will also be payable to any applications submitted prior to that date if work has not commenced at an approved practice on or before 1 December 2024.

In addition, a Comparability Application fee of $575 is also payable along with a post-administration support fee of $300.

Exam fees for all participants deemed to hold Partially Comparable qualifications will also be payable.

These fees are:

  • Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) – 2024.2 – $2555
  • Key Feature Problem (KFP) – 2024.2 – $2555
  • Clinical Competency Exam (CCE) – 2024.1 – $4990 


  • Clinical Competency Exam (CCE) – 2024.2 – $5225

An RACGP membership fee is also payable upon commencement of the program and annually thereafter. 

Learn more about these fees here.

Engaging a specialist health recruiter

Applying to work in Australia as a GP is a complex and time-consuming process and requires dealing with multiple government agencies while correctly completing numerous online forms with supporting documentation.

Making just one error can cause significant delays in processing times.

Specialist health recruiters know the landscape.

They can help speed up the process by assisting aspiring GPs complete all relevant paperwork quickly and effectively.

They can answer all of the many questions you will inevitably have about working in Australia and advise you about what to expect when you arrive.

And they can work with you to find a suitable practice where you can start your great Australian dream.

Contact Health Recruitment Australia today

If you are a GP interested in moving to Australia to work, you need look no further than Health Recruitment Australia (HRA).

HRA is a dedicated recruitment agency that connects doctors of all ages with hiring clinics in Australia.

We always have multiple opportunities on our books for GPs seeking work the width and breadth of  the country.

If you wish to apply for a PEP specialist program in Australia, HRA can help you turn your dreams into reality.

We will work closely with you to find a practice in Australia that marries perfectly with the lifestyle you are craving.

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Enquire now, and we’ll be
in touch shortly!