Have you been made redundant
or is your practice closing?

As Australian medical clinics face financial pressures, more GPs in Australia are losing their income security or worried about their future. 

Hope for GPs

It might be scary, but redundancy or work uncertainty could transform your GP career, and your life, for the better

It’s a tough time for medical practices in Australia. Since COVID the cost of healthcare has gone through the roof, we’ve had rising interest rates and inflation and now a new payroll tax is the final straw for many strained clinics. 

Sadly, some have been forced to shut their doors. And it has put many GP careers at the crossroads – some have been made redundant, and others are aware that it might not be long before their clinic is forced to shut down. 

But there is still hope! There are still profitable, well-run clinics across Australia with capacity to help you achieve all of your career, business and personal goals.

And while it might be scary at first, moving clinics could be the fresh start you didn’t know you needed!

General practitioners

What to do if you've been made redundant

What to do if you've been made redundant

HRA works with Australian medical clinics to make the recruitment and onboarding process as easy as possible for GPs, whether you’re registered to practice in Australia or an overseas country.

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Whether you’ve started a conversation with your clinic about redundancy, already been made redundant or want to weigh up your options, it starts with a conversation with a professional. 

Advisers at Health Recruitment Australia are experts at placing both overseas and local GPs in excellent, sustainable clinics that offer opportunities that provide both lifestyle and career security. 

The team at HRA also has a strong understanding of GP job market trends and access to new opportunities all over Australia.

Book a free, no obligation discussion with an expert about your career situation and goals. 

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Health Recruitment Australia has opportunities available for General Practitioners available all over Australia, right now.